Through innovative use of illustration, define a new generation of greetings cards by creating a unique concept to challenge the designs currently found in the high street.
Rap N Recipes. Research found that people aged 16-24 are six times more likely to bake than any other age group. Aimed at this audience and combining this baking theme with music, I found a refreshing gap in the market. Hand painted/drawn lyrics with an alternate baking meaning, alongside recognisable rappers illustrate the front of the cards. The referenced recipe is written in full, in rap, inside the card. To write the rap recipes, I listened to the music of each artist and read several interviews/articles to get a feel for how they speak and their choice of wording.
It’ll be as easy as the A,B,C’s
Preheat your oven to 170 degrees.
We’re gonna get whiskin’ and mixin’ the sugar and butter,
Don’t be friskin’ and lickin’ ‘til it’s done motherfucker.
You gotta cream it, beat it, American dream it,
Commit to team supreme, keep mixing ‘til it befit,
And if it’s not light and fluffy, man
You ain’t nowhere near yet!
Drop in the eggs one at a time
Mix it real good, we aim for sublime.
Drop your egg mix into the flour and stir it softly, like it’s its first time.
You want the wet and dry ingredients to only just combine.
Don’t overdo it, this ain’t no production line.

Rub your pan wit a bit a butter and get it hot.
Grab a quarter cup a batter, which you needs to drop
So use your grey matter, we don’t wanna burn
Don’t wanna sound bossy but you gots to learn
Now dip the temp – let it do its thang
when the bitch starts bubblin, flip ‘er over, hear her sing.

Lay back, ya dig? Wait ‘nother minute.

Keep makin pancakes till you gots no more batter left.
Ne’er let your pan dry out, keep it buttered baby.
Wrapped in wrap, then in the fridge it goes.
The curriculum says it’s a minimum of 5 hours,
‘Til the cold dough can be ours.
Preheat the oven to 190 degrees,
So we can take the freeze,
Off our biccies.
Then line a couple trays wit bakin’ paper,
So nothin’ gets sticky.
Grab lumps of dough, it’s time to get rollin’,
But don’t get caught ridin’ dirty by them police patrollin’
Keep ‘erythin’ floured to keep them cops strollin’.

Roll it 5 mil high and cut ‘em out now
Lay ‘em on the tray and pop ‘em in the oven
‘Til’ they’re golden brown like my interracial cousin.
Then let the biscuits chillax on some wire racks,
And admire your tasty snacks.
BLACK EYED PEAS featuring Jason Biggs
Initial Card & Envelope Prototype
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